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Meditations101: Mind/Body and Mindfulness Meditation

Meditations101 – Mind/Body Meditation and Mindfulness MeditationMeditations101, written and narrated by Patricia Ann White, provides you, in Track 1, with an introductory teaching of fundamental meditation practice – presence with your breath, your body/mind and continued awareness of the present moment. (6:12)

Track 2, the Mind/Body Meditation is a meditation that brings you to continued awareness of your breath and focused attention on your body, sweeping slowly from the top of your head to your feet, as you follow my voice. (27:37)

Track 3 is an introduction to Mindfulness Meditation. (1:23) and Track 4, the Mindfulness Meditation, guides you to the practice of being a witnessing presence for your thoughts and your emotions and present moment awareness. (26:00)

May you enjoy the experience and the benefits of the deep relaxation and connection with yourself that you will feel. (61 minutes total time)

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Meditation has many proven benefits, ranging from reducing stress and relieving pain, to increasing self-esteem.

My meditation sessions focus on bringing you:

  • increased awareness of the present moment
  • decreased anxiety, tension and worries
  • increased feelings of peacefulness
  • deepened connection to your Intuitive Self
  • recharged energy and confidence to tackle the challenges of daily life

You may know someone who practices meditation daily. Have you noticed that they have become more serene, more efficient, and more successful? That their relationships with loved ones and with people at work have improved? Those are some of the benefits of regular meditation.

“Seemed like several hours of relaxation and healing within…”

I returned home from meditating one day asking my husband how long have I been gone. He answered only an hour. Seemed like several hours of relaxation and healing within. I found much was accomplished in such a short time. Namaste.

— Jane Battocchio

Discover how others have benefited from meditation classes!

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[tab:Who Is It For]

Meditation is for everyone! But consider it especially if you:

  • have a high-stress job or lifestyle
  • suffer from stress-related conditions, such as high-blood pressure, sleep problems, heart disease, headaches, etc
  • wish to quiet nagging intrusive thoughts
  • choose to live fully in the present
  • yearn to stop regret for what is past and worry about the future
  • want to learn a skill you can use anytime, anywhere to relieve anxiety and support healing
  • desire greater self-awareness and spiritual growth

“I’m enjoying them immensely!”

Thank-you so much for your meditation classes. They are phenomenal. A good balance of instruction presented in an easy to follow format, combined with a powerful (metaphysical/spiritual) presence. I’m enjoying them immensely.

— Janet, RMT

Discover how others have benefited from meditation classes!

Click Patricia White, Holistic Energy Therapist to read more testimonials.

[tab:What To Expect]

You’ll be invited to listen to my voice as I gently guide you to a relaxed state.

You’ll be encouraged to attend to your breath, as you are prompted to follow a gentle progression of instructions.

You’ll be reminded to simply breathe, listen and follow my voice.

If you are already familiar with meditation, I invite you to adopt beginner’s mind as you enjoy the benefits and deepen your practice.

You do not have to be “good” at meditation to reap the benefits. Practicing consistently and often is what matters most. Dr Oz suggests that you begin with just five minutes at the beginning and at the end of each day.

The more you practice meditation, the better you’ll get. Soon, you’ll find yourself slipping into a meditative state quickly and easily, and able to stay there for longer and longer periods of time.

“Thursdays are now my favorite day of the week…”

I intially signed up for meditation classes without knowing what to expect. From the very first session, I found comfort in Patricias smile, warmth and gentle ways. Her experience and knowledge are evident as she brings a sense of calm to the participants in her class. Thanks to Patricia and her meditation classes, Thursdays are now my favorite day of the week.

— Carol Pickering

Discover how others have benefited from meditation classes!

Click Patricia White, Holistic Energy Therapist to read more testimonials.


If you wish to join weekly meditation classes, please check the Calendar of Events for dates and times, and call Patricia at (519)974-4470 or email at info@consciousliving101.com to register for a class. [tab:END]

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Patricia Ann White

Patricia White, Holistic Energy Therapist

As an Intuitive Holistic Energy Therapist and a Teacher of Conscious Living- practical spirituality, I share Wisdom and tools from my diverse experiences in ‘the field’ assisting you to understand and strengthen your connection with yourSelf and your world on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This process of renewed Self-Empowerment may be achieved through the holistic energy sessions I offer, and through scheduled workshops and classes, so that you can move forward with the healing you, as a unique individual, are seeking and with more Grace, Power, Strength and Clarity than you thought was possible.

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