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ObamaDuring the Toronto Marathon, Sarah Obama, grandma of President Obama, affectionately called Mama Obama, joined us for an iMRS session to regain energy and counteract jet lag after her arrival from Kenya.

Mama Obama and the iMRS

Monica Czorny, our Swiss Bionic Lifestyle Consultant had the honour of not only giving her a relaxing iMRS session, but also to accompany Mama Obama during her visit to Toronto. Sarah Obama was a special guest during the Toronto Marathon cheering on the Kenyan Team. Thank you Monica, President Obama would be so proud of you giving his grandma the power of Swiss Bionic PEMF technology!


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Patricia Ann White

Patricia White, Holistic Energy Therapist

As an Intuitive Holistic Energy Therapist and a Teacher of Conscious Living- practical spirituality, I share Wisdom and tools from my diverse experiences in ‘the field’ assisting you to understand and strengthen your connection with yourSelf and your world on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This process of renewed Self-Empowerment may be achieved through the holistic energy sessions I offer, and through scheduled workshops and classes, so that you can move forward with the healing you, as a unique individual, are seeking and with more Grace, Power, Strength and Clarity than you thought was possible.

The iMRS

Eight minutes of relaxing on the whole body mat allows cell function to be completely optimized for up to six hours.

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