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BodyWisdom&SpiritWisdom Healing

Individual sessions to refresh and strengthen your body and spirit

These 90 minute sessions are available by appointment.


Benefits you may experience:

  • Physical, emotional and psychological hurts are explored and healed/resolved
  • Energize and recharge your body, mind and spirit
  • Maintain overall wellness
  • Gain insight from your BodyWisdom and SpiritWisdom, regarding issues that concern you
  • Relief from physical pain

“The treatment I received by Patricia was one of the most powerful healing experiences I’ve had to date…”

I’ve been a holistic practitioner for over a decade, and what I’ve learned about healing is that when you combine wisdom, skill, an empathetic heart, and life purpose, you get a healer like Patricia White.

Patricia has truly taken her craft of healing to higher vibrational levels.

The treatment I received by Patricia was awe inspiring. She had the ability to help me facilitate a healing in an area of my life that had affected me tremendously. Through Patricia’s powerful shamanic gifts and her clear connection to Spirit, I was able to forgive and grow from a very difficult life lesson.

I look forward to more treatments with Patricia, as I continue on my path.

— Janet Edwards, RMT

Discover how others have benefited from energy sessions!

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Please remember that not everyone will experience these same benefits all the time. Because each person is unique, each energy session — and its outcomes — is unique as well.

While you enter into the energy session with a specific agenda, the benefits you ultimately experience may not be what you intended or expected.  What is most important for you to know and heal in that moment of time and what is in your highest and best interest is always addressed.

The energy session will change your life. It may take weeks to realize the shift. In fact, other people may notice changes in you before you become aware of them yourself.

“I now have the confidence I need to know that I am on the right track for fulfilling my life purpose…”

Thank you for the wonderful insights that you were able to deliver to me during my session with you….they were nothing short of miraculous! The fact that you were able to pinpoint the exact moment in time that as a young child I made a choice that would set the course for my life, is truly amazing!

As well you gave me beautiful messages from my angels and guides…it is because of those messages that I received through you from them, that I now have the confidence I need to know now that I am on the right track for fulfilling my life purpose.

My only regret is that I didn’t find you 20 years earlier!

The Gift that you have as a facilitator for channeled BodyWisdom&SpiritWisdom Healing is exactly what our world needs right now. May you continue to bless and inspire all the beautiful souls who come to you for healing, guidance, inspiration and hope.

— Cindy R.

Discover how others have benefited from energy sessions!

Click Patricia White, Holistic Energy Therapist to read more testimonials.

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A Holistic Energy Session is perfect for you if you:

  • are experiencing pain on any level (physical, emotional, mental)
  • are recovering from illness, hardship or a traumatic experience
  • want to identify blocks in your creativity, productivity, relationships, and physical well-being
  • are curious about what’s going on in your life, beyond the physical and the present (some clients have their past lives revealed)
  • want to enrich your decision-making and daily living with insights from your Body Wisdom and Spirit Wisdom

“Clarity and confidence during a period of considerable change in my life…”

Patricia’s expertise, insightfulness, and systematic approach helped me achieve clarity and confidence during a period of considerable change in my life — enabling me to take the road that will allow me to grow professionally as well as maintaining balance in my personal life.

— Rose Talbot-Gibson, CHIM(A)

Discover how others have benefited from sessions with Patricia!

Click Patricia White, Holistic Energy Therapist to read more testimonials.

If you would like to know more about Energy Medicine, read “Following Body Wisdom: How Energy Medicine Helps Heal” by Atherton Drenth.

[tab:What To Expect]

An energy session is made up of 3 parts and lasts up to 1.5 hours.

Part 1. Intake

If you are a first-time client, you’ll fill out intake forms for consent to the session, contact information, a brief history and your current concerns.

You’ll also receive a form that insures your privacy and confidentiality.  I’ll maintain your privacy in accordance with legislated requirements.  Occasionally, case histories may be presented in lectures or written material.  All personal identifying information such as name, address, telephone number, and date of birth is excluded.

Part 2.

After discussing your present concerns, you’ll lie down comfortably on your back on a massage table, fully clothed and, should you choose, covered with a blanket.

I begin by laying my hands on your feet, connecting with your Body Wisdom. I’ll pay close attention  to any messages your BodyWisdom and SpiritWisdom offer and share with you anything I observe throughout the session. These may include:

  • information from your present life history
  • information from a past life
  • information related to your chakras and your physical body
  • messages from Spirit Presence, and sometimes, a loved one who has passed on
  • and always, what healing with your BodyWisdom and SpiritWisdom looks like for you at that moment

Part 3. Debriefing

When the treatment is completed, I’ll share in more detail all the information I received , maintaining the integrity of this work by reporting accurately what I have seen and heard. Often, these observations will explain issues that are going on in your life right now.

Each session is unique. I can’t predict or control the outcomes of each session. Your BodyWisdom and SpiritWisdom know what you need at any given point in time.

“Her energy work shifted my profound fears to a state of inner strength and healing…”

Patricia’s wisdom and expertise  results in a change of consciousness for those seeking healing in their lives. Having experienced a life-threatening illness, her energy work shifted my profound fears to a state of inner strength and healing. That has been the case for the last six years.

I have been a witness over the years for her willingness to open her heart and unconditionally assist those genuinely in need of her skills. This has been transformational for many and a true blessing for all those who cross her path.

— Carmella Keletgian

Discover how others have benefited from sessions with Patricia!

Click Patricia White, Holistic Energy Therapist to read more testimonials.

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Call me at (519)974-4470 or email info@consciousliving101.com to book a Holistic Energy Session today.

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Patricia Ann White

Patricia White, Holistic Energy Therapist

As an Intuitive Holistic Energy Therapist and a Teacher of Conscious Living- practical spirituality, I share Wisdom and tools from my diverse experiences in ‘the field’ assisting you to understand and strengthen your connection with yourSelf and your world on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This process of renewed Self-Empowerment may be achieved through the holistic energy sessions I offer, and through scheduled workshops and classes, so that you can move forward with the healing you, as a unique individual, are seeking and with more Grace, Power, Strength and Clarity than you thought was possible.

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