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Reconnective Healing

Individual sessions to refresh and strengthen your body and spirit.

These 45 minute sessions are available by appointment.

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a new level of healing that takes us beyond anything we are able to access through an energy healing technique. It takes us beyond energy, into a spectrum that expands into light and information. This in essence, allows us to reconnect with the truth, the essence, the light, and the spirit of who and what we are – our true selves, without limitations.

With Reconnective Healing the practitioner does not need to know what’s wrong with the client. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The less we as practitioners know about you, the better off you are. When we access this spectrum of healing it has its own intelligence and determines the perfect form the healing will take for each person. The less we try to know about the person, the less we are apt to try to direct the healing according to our limited knowledge and awareness.

At this level of healing there is no preparation and no intention to be set. At the end of the healing, you simply become changed. You return to your natural light vibration which is a balance of light and health. So now, when appropriate, health challenges are able to simply fall away. Healing can be and is, just that simple.

Dr. Eric Pearl explains Reconnective Healing below:

It is recommended that you book a series of 3 sessions, done within a one week time frame so that we are working together on alternate days.

Please remember that not everyone will experience the same benefits all the time. Because you are unique, each session – and its outcome – is unique as well.

“Patricia, I am so grateful for the Reconnective Healing sessions that I received from you recently.  Each of the three sessions was a unique experience for me. I felt the benefits of these sessions right from the first.

The biggest benefit for me is the fact I had been taking a medication to sleep for 20 years and I have finally been able to sleep without it. I had made several attempts to get off this medication but to no avail.  It has been three weeks since the healing sessions were done and I am feeling a profound difference in the quality of sleep that I get.  I am waking up feeling more refreshed than I have in years!   That evening and the next I slept with a depth of sleep that I haven’t experienced in some time.  This I  know is a great beginning to helping me heal from health issues that I’ve been experiencing for quite some time.                                                                                                               

I can’t thank you enough for giving me this great gift of healing. I’m excited  when I think of how many people I know that could greatly benefit from Reconnective Healing sessions with you. I hope to see more people explore this avenue.”

— Nicole Laporte

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Please remember that not everyone will experience the same benefits all the time. Because you are unique, each session – and its outcome – is unique as well.

Discover how others have benefited from Sessions with Patricia!

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Patricia Ann White

Patricia White, Holistic Energy Therapist

As an Intuitive Holistic Energy Therapist and a Teacher of Conscious Living- practical spirituality, I share Wisdom and tools from my diverse experiences in ‘the field’ assisting you to understand and strengthen your connection with yourSelf and your world on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This process of renewed Self-Empowerment may be achieved through the holistic energy sessions I offer, and through scheduled workshops and classes, so that you can move forward with the healing you, as a unique individual, are seeking and with more Grace, Power, Strength and Clarity than you thought was possible.

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